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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

GrimmFairyTale Cards

I had alot of fun working on the Grimm Fairytales Card serise, some of my cards are appearing on ebay and selling as well, heres my RedRiding Hood cards... show you the others later :P

Monday, 28 November 2011

New Supergirl

I'm enjoying the new Supergirl, her costume is strong and her intro was decent, apprently we will discover she has some different powers to Superman as well
I went and had some fun doing a pinup of Kara, then printed it onto some artboard and hand coloured it with some Promarker magic, i may do more of these
Supergirl by Boo

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Dark Avengers Strike

Ahh it's nice to enjoy a blast from the past, like these old DarkAvengers Funnys i did a couple of years ago
Norman asses the Teams Public Image...
It's a laugh a minute in DarkAvengers Tower...
Taking on the X-Men didnt go so well for Norman...

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Back Again LOL

Seems something went wrong Technologically AND somone complained that there were Boobies in my blog lol no doubt one of my old enemies tracked me down and tried to make hassle for me, but we dont put up with Trolls around here :P
Plus i bet youve been wondering why i havent posted any awesome artwork recently, Honestly i've been working hard on Official Vampirella and RedSonja Sketchcard Sets, I just finished the Official LadyDeath/HackSlash and GrimmFairytales Sketchcard Sets, Commissions AND soon i'll be starting the 100% Official Marvel Beginings 2 and Avengers Movie Sketchcard sets, i'm freaking out at the coolness of that.... and did i mention Night of the Living Dead and 60's Avengers Sketchcard Sets!!! lol I'm loving the world of Sketchcards.

That isnt all though, along with some other talented carders i appeared in/did a short Interview in the Uber awesome SketchLife magazine, photos to come soon along with links where you can get a copy and what it's all about.

Please go and visit as well, Me and Marty are running a truly awesome Sketchcard serise all based on Alice in Wonderland with some of the most talented artists in cards today onboard, every time one of them shows me a new card they did for the set i'm blown away, and the fact when it's released in Spring their all going to peoples homes, wow.

Times are busy, but i havent stopped drawing
Keep Rocking