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Friday, 29 July 2011

ZombieGirls need hugs

Zombos are getting populer in the Sketchcard world at the moment and Elfie and Me are making a little zombie comic togeather... so i got this ZombieGirl Sketchcard done the other day :P careful shes a bite'r

DarkHawkeye shows off the ZomboGirl

Time for a close-up
I think i'll be putting her up for sale in my ART STORE along with others

Thursday, 28 July 2011

VeganCaveGirl is now on facebook

Yep theres an official VeganCaveGirl page now on facebook that you can "like", check out artwork and get in touch, show your mates etc how cool is that. Plus the Sketchcover Edition is that much closer, just waiting for some copys to be deliverd and then i can put it for sale on the website as well.

I originally created VCG for fun, it was full of naughty bits, killing vampires, sci-fi etc, but i totally love how much people are into her and want to see art of her. it pushes me onward and i have you guys to thank for that :)

VeganCaveGirl Sketchcard

VeganCaveGirl Sketchcard

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Charity Cards

okay getting my Charity cards done....more about these soon
Superheros for 5Finity

BeachBabes for IslandDreams

BeachBabes for Island Dreams
details coming soon :P

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dynamo 5 Sketchcards

Awesome news, i've been working alongside loads of killer artists on the Official Dynamo 5 Sketchcard serise for Sketchcard Studio Click Here
I produced one exciting BaseCard, Drawn by Boo and coloured by Dave Reynolds as well as doing LOADS of hand drawn and coloured Sketchcards.
A sketchcard is basically a blank trading card which an artist does some original art on, their fun to collect, share or give as gifts.

Blank Dynamo 5 cards ready for me to draw on...
I pencilled, then inked and then coloured each card with Promarkers and LaPlumes. I made sure to read some Dynamo 5 comics, learn who the characters were and then I got down to work.

Dynamo Sketchcards

Dynamo 5 Sketchcards
Dynamo 5 Sketchcards

Dynamo 5 Sketchcards

Dynamo 5 Sketchcards

Dynamo 5 Sketchcards

It was great fun working on this set, learning about the characters and expressing them through my own art-style.
Basecard by Boo and Dave Reynolds
The base card was a real honour to produce, it allowed me to work in a different way and team up with my old buddy Dave, i'm buzzing about how it came out.

If you want to get any of the cards by me or by the many many other talented artists who worked on this set, then just head to the website at the start and click it to find out more :)

Rock On

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Working on Comics...

I love working on comics, it's just such an expressive medium. I remember being a kid and finding a comic in the newsagents or getting a free one with a toy.

Transformers Inked Cover

Transformers Finished Cover
I grew up loving the Transformers and still regard the original 80's film as one of the best movies of all time :) so to work specifically within that Continuity was a buzz. Written by Simon Furrman, drawn by Me and colours by Josh Burcham and others I really liked how the comic came out, even tho it was created only to be included with the toy twin pack.

Comicpage RoughPencils

ComicPage Inks

ComicPage Colours
because I knew how well Josh did space scenes, i tailored some of the pages to really take advantage of his skills, i pulled out, leaving the Sweeps and Cyclonus very small so that Josh could go to work making space look massive and alive, it turned out to be one of my fav parts of this issue, giving that depth to space.

ComicPage Rough Pencils

ComicPage Inks

ComicPage Colour
Whenever you finish a gig you want to go back and tweak bits haha everyone does, but i like to work some distance into a page, get something up close and something far away so you feel your reading something that is not only full of style, but gives you expression of character, movement and a different angle each time. it moves you around the scene and their world and keeps things fresh to view.

Yes i love drawing comics :)
Allrights belong to Hasbro and IDW

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

VeganCaveGirl "NewBalls Please"

You know shes currently a VeganCaveGirl, before that she was a hardcore A.R.S.E Commando (Armed Response Special Elite)...but what did she do before THAT!!! well at 17 she won Wimbledon and was an ace Tennis Star.... lol

Bramble the VeganTennisStar

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

BallGag Samurai Returns...

Years ago i created a character called BallGag Samurai, i havent drawn her for ages and then yesterday she just popped into my brainbox so i knocked out a couple of cute pinups


Cute BallGagSamurai

Saturday, 9 July 2011

ClassicCrusaders PinupBook DigitalDownload Available

I just got the Digital Download of my 108 page Classic Crusaders pinup book in my Art Shop - BUY ME HERE

OR you can get the printed copy for only $8.50 (plus shipping) - BUY ME IN PRINT

In 1138 the Knights Templer – warrior monks, fighting to protect the Holy Land and challenge evil at every turn, gathered together a group of individuals. Warriors with powers beyond those of mortal men, they were forged into the worlds first super heroes to battle forces mankind could not hope to vanquish… They were the Crusaders.

FrontCover by Boo & David Reynolds

BackCover by Boo & David Reynolds

Your looking at a 108 page black and white PinUp Book of AWESOMNESS by Boo. Classic Crusaders is everything you need, Medieval Super heroines battling the forces of darkness, humour, Naughty Bits, Templers, Mythology, Action and a big talking Ape!!!
The first CC Pinup Book has the first 3 short stories i ever created of them and more Pinups than even the Sinister Saladin can handle, most by Boo, but there is a special part at the back with fantastic pinups of the girls by various artists I have bribed and blackmailed over the years and then called friends. This book has it all, everything I’ve been sketching and drawing since I began creating Classic Crusaders, but be warned, with great danger, comes great Tunic ripping action :)

Intro page

Comic page

Pinup Page


Comic Page

Pinup Page

And thats just SOME of the Pinups and artwork in the book. Dave did such a killer job on the Front cover and back cover to make it look sensational and I really did squeeze practically everything I had done of them into it for everyone to enjoy, so check it out here and then go and grab yourself a Print edtion or Digital edition
Classic Crusaders PinUps Book 1 TM and © Boo, Squishy Brain Company. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

HOW TO DRAW VeganCaveGirl

I love getting VeganCaveGirl pinups for her comics and fanart, so here is an easy to follow design for drawing her :)

VeganCaveGirl Design
lets see those cute pinups

Monday, 4 July 2011

VeganCaveGirl SketchCover Edition in the Works

I thought it would be wicked cool to create a special SketchCover edition of VeganCaveGirl in Black&White & Shades combining storys from Issue 1, Issue 2 and a BRAND NEW VCG story by Elfie.

I sent it off to the printers on Sunday so it wont arrive to me untill sometime in August but then I'll be able to offer it for sale just like reguler SketchCover comics, or youll be able to Buy a blankone online and do your OWN awesome cover :) I think thats just sooo wicked cool

Front Cover (lots of space for artwork)

Back Cover

ComicPage Boo/Dany Morales

Comicpage Boo/Dany Morales

Comicpage Boo/Dennis Budd

Comicpage Boo/Dennis Budd

Comicpage Elfie Lebouleux

Comicpage Elfie Lebouleux
This Sketch Cover Edition is gonna rock and will be the first time i'll have made a customiseable comic.

I'm just tweaking VeganCaveGirl Pinups #2 and thats going to be in full eyepopping colour thanks to my bro Dennis Budd as well as tons of new pinups by some of the most fantastic artists i have ever met. It dives into how Bramble got to the "mysterious world" in much more detail and provides a lookin into who she was and what she did before crash landing and killing Vampires. I carnt wait to get that comic finished and ready for everyone to enjoy
As soon as it's ready your gonna see pages here so stay tuned folks and tell your freinds :)

CaveGirl Action