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Thursday, 29 March 2012

how about another alternate reality Britannia...

Since i first created Britannia i've done a number of alternate reality Brits and i finally got the design right for this Britannia :)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Nevermore Alice Sold OUT

Wow in just two days Nevermore Alice was a total SELL OUT. I hoped it would happen, but when i was sat there designing the characters, creating the world of Nevermore Alice and then bringing all these artists from around the world togeather to illustrate it i didnt dare dream people would be so excited about it
I knew straight away when Marty and I teamed up i wanted to jump into Wonderland, it's a much loved book of mine and so many people have done their own interpretations, but i wanted to create a wonderland that was soaked in the poetry of Poe and with my own clear style to the characters and monsters, but i had to remmeber, other people would be illustrating them so every character had to look strong and have a clear design and that really flesh out the world
Drawn by Boo with Colour by Dave Reynolds
I didnt want to rush into Wonderland and throw everything and the kitchen sink in, i wanted people to just be on the edge, meet some of the important characters and be excited for those still to come. My old mate Dave Reynolds really brought a vibrant life to nevermore alice with his smooth colour palate that made the mushrooms seem so large and real and full of mystery.
And now that nevermore alice 1 was a sell out and the Nevermore Alice Winter Solstice packs are almost gone i have to start work on Nevermore Alice 2 :P
See you in Wonderland

Saturday, 24 March 2012

If you love Alice in Wonderland, sexy girls, magical monsters and fairytales then check out because the art set goes onsale at Midnight tonight UK time as saturday turns to sunday. Every pack has 1 hand drawn card and 2 basecards for only $12, and random packs have 2 hand drawn original sketchcards in them, drawn by wonderful artists from around the world, enjoy :)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Monday, 19 March 2012

Nevermore Alice Art Serise out April

Visit Nevermore Alice by Clicking Here

Nevermore Alice is coming out in APRIL with pre-sales starting at the end of March and this set is simply mind blowing.
Sketchcards are hand drawn original peices of artwork by artists world wide and come packeged with exclusive high quality basecards depicting Alice's adventures in a truly original twist on wonderland and it's inhabitants.
So get over to to find out more because one the packs are gone, their gone

Friday, 16 March 2012


It's been a secret mission of mine for the past year to eventually create my own web-spinning superhero of vengance, and finally everything came togeather to produce

The WolfSpider
Gaining insane spider'like powers following a blood transfusion, The WolfSpider breaks the faces of badguys whereever he can find them

There he is tackling a monsterous villian made of living ACID!!!!
Ah great times designing him

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

It's that Scarett Chick from GIJoe...

Drawn for Sketch Saturday, she played Scarlet in GIJoe Rise of the Cobra, she was the main Priestess in the modern Conan and the Orion Savegirl cadet in the modern Startrek.
I sketched her while i had food poisening, i just hit the paper with pencil and then some inks and used a sharpie on the hair. It's the ONLY thing i got done while i was dieing and convinced i could take my body off like a suit lol.
Now i'm feeling better i look back at it and have very little memory of drawing the picture but i'm still pleased with how she came out.
Drawing real people isnt easy for me, i prefer to capture things in my own style, if you want realism then thats what cameras are for lol so when i do approach a real person i try to capture some of their character and flesh them out in "Boo'ism" :P

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


SuperGirl Design by Boo
With so many Supergirls out there, and DC's recent Earth 1 and Earth 2 new Supergirls which neather i was overjoyed with, i put my foot down and designed my own Supergirl who has far more space adventures - SUPERGIRL Up Up and AWAY.
I kept her design pure and simple, or you could say bold. A blue minidress with sleeves, thigh boots, a belt, choker and hairband so shes stylish but still ready for battle. I popped her on facebook and was pleasantly surprised by how much attention she got, personally i'm buzzing with the look.

I got carried away after doing the Boo design and splashed out a quick comic page of her tackling Doomsday

Supergirl Black and White
Hope you enjoy Boo Supergirl
UpUp and AWAY