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Sunday, 1 December 2013

All New M Men!!!

Mutants Mutants Mutants, we can never have enough crazy mutants firing lazer beams out of their nipples can we, so for a bit of fun allow me to introduce M-Men.
But who is that mutant babe!!!! what are her insane powers!!!! whatever the facts, mutants are damn dangerous, call for some giant robots to trip over buildings and squish civilians to deal with this threat

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sunday, 10 November 2013

all the naughty art

wow times have been busy working on sketchcards, trying to get computers fixed, doing commissions...

Booman seems to be populer with customers who like erotic commissions, i've got a few now of him playing with girls from the marvel universe, here is Booman with Uncannyxmen emma frost

Booman and Rachel grey lol

Monday, 30 September 2013

vegan cavegirl on facebook

You can now enjoy Bramble the VCG on facebook with sneakpeeks, 
updates and awesome artwork for everyone to enjoy, just click the 
link above to check her out.

Monday, 23 September 2013

VeganCaveGirl 2 is On Sale Now

VeganCaveGirl #2 is On Sale NOW WaHooooo. Full colour thanks to uber talent Dennis Budd and Dany Morales, Issue 2 has two short comic storys, loads of brand new pinups by Me and amazing Artists I blackmailed, plus Bonus content such as hard to find comic pages from the first ever VCG comic and VCGSketchcards. It's a big issue.
If your wondering, that necklace around Brambles neck is the shrunken skull of her dead brother and vampire teeth from the VampireCavement who constantly try to eat our superbabe.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Kinky Art that isnt safe for work lol

Boo has been sketching the naughty stuff recently

Majesty makes it clear what she looks for in a bloke lol

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mighty Zombies Coming September 1st

Mighty Zombies is coming sooner than we thought, it's going on sale September 1st
Capes, Cowls and Brains!!! on every hand drawn card.
limited Edition at only 200 packs
Only £12 pounds a pack, 
Free Post and Packing

Over the coming days the full artist list will be announced, and for the first time you will be able to buy
packs from any of our websites, UDC, Nevermore alice, Britannia, deadsexy etc, a paypal button will appear on the right hand side at 6:30pm UK time allowing everybody to purchase as many packs as they like. But be warned, packs are limited to only 200!!! so once they are sold out, they are gone.
Every pack will contain 1 hand drawn and signed Mighty Zombies Sketchcard by one of the amazing artists on this set. and you can see sneak peeks of cards over on our facebook page.
But be warned, this set is mature rated, these super powerd zombies are eating people, falling apart and falling out of their costumes.

The set is made up of classic Public domain characters such as the Blue Flame, Black Cat, the original Mary Marvel, Phantom Lady, BulletGirl, Black Panther and the Girl Commandos as well as artists own created characters and superheroes such as Britannia, Majesty etc from other UDC sketchcardsets, all turned zombie and hungry for your brains and bodys.

So remember the date
1st of September at 6:30pm
packs go on sale for £12 pounds each

Saturday, 10 August 2013

BlackKatComics, Britannia sells out and Rebranding

Busy busy times folks. Firstly Britannia sold out, that was amazing and i spent a long time packing and mailing packs to customers, what a fantastic time.
But round about the same time, me and my buisness partner went in two different directions so our company ended and birthed two brand new companys. For my part it was the creation of Unpleasant Dreams Cards which meant rebranding websites and blogs, updating info, new logos etc, everything and slowed me down on compleating commissions. BUT the future is big, bright and shiney, UDC is established, Britannia sold out and this Halloween will see Mighty Zombies and DeadSexy2 go onsale as well as future sets already being made.
Plus I just got loads of commissions in the mail and i'm finishing more even as you read this.
Thats why i havent gotten much art out on my own little space, i've been so busy getting everything done. So enjoy these.

Theres a public domain crime fighting babe called The Black Cat, she was created a long time before Marvels own Blackcat, you can find her on google by typing Black Cat Comics, well i'm into public domain characters recently and a mate of mine wanted to write a Black Kat revamp comic. I kept him happy by doing a redesign and a couple of comic covers for fun.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Packs of Britannia Artcards went on sale on the 15th of July and have almost all sold out
Every pack contains 1 hand drawn art sketchcard by one of the fantastic artists working on the set as well as a stunning Basecard and for every 4 packs purchased you get a rare Britannia Swimsuit Sketchcard. This set is limited edition of only 200 packs.
Head over to the link at the top to check it out and grab some packs useing the cool buy it now paypal button.
The site also has links to her facebook page which is full of sneak peek scans of cards going into britannia packs.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Fuckloads of my artwork now on Flicker

Yeah, i'm slapping LOADS of my artwork from comics, pinups and sketchcards up on my Flicker account for everyone to enjoy :)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Britannia is coming July 15th

Britannia is coming July the 15th with an awesome limited edition 200 pack set for only £14.50 Fourteen pounds and fifty pence a pack.
Each pack will contain a stunning hand drawn original sketchcard by one of the fantastic artists working on the set (which you can see a full artist list on the Britannia webite) and 1 stunning 84mm x 55mm Basecard.
There are 4 Basecards to collect in total and every single sketchcard is different and unique.
It has been a dream come true to create a beutiful Britannia Sketch card set and I know youll love the cards when you get them in your hands.
Packs will go onsale on the 15th of july, over on the Britannia website at 6:30pm UK time, an easy to use Paypal button will appear in the right hand side allowing everyone to grab as many packs as they wish, however this is a limited edition 200 Pack set, so once the packs are sold out, they are all gone.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Majesty designs

Majesty was originally created as my erotic comics superbabe because i didnt want to walk down that road with Britannia, but shes grown out of that simple role and is taking on a life of her own.

Majesty's Mum is a villian known as the CobraQueen and she runs a religous Serpent Cult... but Majesty rebelled as a Teenage girl with limitless power and massive boobies... selling her services as a "super power for rent". Every mad scientist needing protection paid her wads of cash under the identity BallBuster, untill it all went wrong and she was busted by A.R.S.E. (armed resonse special elite).

Locked up in the Dome (formally known as the Millenium Dome, it was converted into a prison for supers), Kingdom and the heads of A.R.S.E. made her an offer. Get rebranded as a superhero called Majesty. She took the offer and now kicks all kinds of arse, but she hasnt stopped being all kinds of naughty.

So above is her design sheet. Her reguler Majesty costume known as a BlackJack outfit as it's based on a dark union jack flag. She goes with and without her mask. Plus her BallBuster design.

Now enjoy cover artwork from Majesty #1 now being drawn. Majesty sits infront of Galactic Dominator - Big Bong!!!
This comic will be funny, sexy, twisted and a bit strange lol, written and drawn by Boo and feature cool and erotic pinpups.
Dont worry I'll keep you all up to date and share sneak peeks as it comes togeather :)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tron Britannia and Dark Britannia

While compleating some commissions i got the time to sketch 2 new Britannia designs...

Tron Britannia
I'm a big Tron Legacy fan, so of course i wanted to create a Tron'esq costume
for Britannia to use in her Digital Adventures. Keeping it sexy but still inline with her original
classic oufit.
Then we have...
Dark (Nazi) Britannia
In an alternate reality where the Third Reich starts in the UK rather than Germany,
The super-powerd community takes the idea of the Uber-man to heart and 
enslaves all non powerd humans, taking over the world and setting their sights
on alternate realitys!!!
So I gave Britannia a much shorter haircut, a cute hat and turned her outfit into
more of a uniform dress/suit. I also combined the Swastika with the Unionjack since it's
an entire alternate universe and i would be expanding the costume to various

Monday, 22 April 2013

Stargate Universe

Yep i own the DVD boxset for Stargate Universe lol, it's an incredibly depressing show, but i keep going back for more lol.
and thats howcome i tried something new with my artwork drawing this SGU pinup in a much more detail heavy artstyle.
I've been very proud seeing how well recived it was, especially amongst other SGU fans.
But i didnt leave it there, i went and tooned up Stargate Universe, which was no easy thing, it's hard to get that animated look right for real people as you have to limit the amount of lines you can use which was also tricky for the detail heavy ship Destiny, i'm happy with how they came out though.

See you on the other side of the gate

Monday, 15 April 2013

Ree Petra as Majesty

While working hard on commissions i've found myself drawing alot more real people, so i tried out something different with my erotic superbabe Majesty. I checked out a hot girl i love called Ree Petra and dressed her up as Majesty :P for a bit of fun, i really enjoyed the experiance.

Monday, 11 March 2013


Here comes Flag Force lol Booman has got an alternate English look (because i'm english) and then Majesty who is scottish got herself a scottish alternate costume and i can introduce Welsh Dragon for the first time as the trio get set to kick all kinds of arse.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

BooMan Returns Naughty

BooMan is back, and he's tackling the ladies of Comics lol first up, Wonder Woman!!! in her funky New 52 costume.
Then BooMan strikes again, with Rogue from the XMen!!!
But who will be next? send in your suggestions here or via email to

The flesh and blood Boo has been thowing up for two weeks with a nasty cold bug... flem and everything, but as i start to get better and Nevermore Alice Drink Me Eat Me was a sellout (sold out in just under an hour) I can finally start catching up with your awesome commissions :)

Remember, no Comic Book Girl is safe from BooMan lol

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Alice in Wonderland Artset for YOU

The Brand New Nevermore Alice Drink Me Eat Me Set
Coming out Feb 28th
Pre-Order Now
Only £14.50 a Pack
FREE Post and Packing
So the Pre-Orders shall start on the 15th.
But remember, with this being a limited edition 100 pack set
Packs will sell out swiftly and once they are gone, they are gone.

Each Pack will contain 2 hand drawn Nevermore Alice Sketchcards
Fresh artists to the world of Nevermore and Wonderland
Returning fav artists
Alice gets really BIG, or very very Small in every pack
FINAL TIME the original Character designs will be used!!!
Packs will be on PreSale, on this website on Feb 15th 2013 with easy to use Paypal Buttons
(appearing on the 15th in the right hand corner)

Every pack will come in a neat little NA DrinkMeEatMe sleeve just like previous Alice sets and the very populer DeadSexy Set did.
Peek Inside the Rabbit Hole

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Where has Boo Gone to!!!

Well since WinterSolsticeEve last year family health problems have been big, i've been in and out of hospital a few times and so I havent been online much and i've fallen behind in work, commissions and replying to everyones emails.

I will catch up eventually... but family comes first, it's my number 1 golden rule, so no, i havent run away or been squished beneath my rather large awesome PowerRangersSamuraiMegazord :P

Add on top of that my entire villiage was snowed in for over a week here in the UK, no mailmen, no road in or out of the villiage, wowsers, so i've got some customers work ready but i just couldnt mail it out. Well now some has been mailed out and i'm doing another mailing trip on friday (todays Thursday right...)

So if i havent replied to you or sent you your cool stuff yet, i'm sorry, honestly I would rather the things happening not be happening, but i'm working towards everything catching up
Back Soon

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Boo Art Sale A4 Only 10Pounds

If you want a discount commission head over to my artstore and grab yourself a slot here - CLICK HERE

I dont do ArtSales often so check it out, it's a great chance to get an original commission from me at a discount price
Rock On

Monday, 7 January 2013

Savage Avengers Issue 1...

The Most Savage Avengers comic EVER, 100% FREE!!! with the best most explosive team in Avengers History!!!, Limited Edition Close Up Hulk Cover!!!!
Avengers and New Avengers #1 pissed me off soo much by wasting two pages of artwork with practically blank title pages, it wastes our money, it takes us for granted and it really fucked me off because like many others I buy my comics online, so it's not like we can even check first for stupid crap like that.