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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mighty Zombies Coming September 1st

Mighty Zombies is coming sooner than we thought, it's going on sale September 1st
Capes, Cowls and Brains!!! on every hand drawn card.
limited Edition at only 200 packs
Only £12 pounds a pack, 
Free Post and Packing

Over the coming days the full artist list will be announced, and for the first time you will be able to buy
packs from any of our websites, UDC, Nevermore alice, Britannia, deadsexy etc, a paypal button will appear on the right hand side at 6:30pm UK time allowing everybody to purchase as many packs as they like. But be warned, packs are limited to only 200!!! so once they are sold out, they are gone.
Every pack will contain 1 hand drawn and signed Mighty Zombies Sketchcard by one of the amazing artists on this set. and you can see sneak peeks of cards over on our facebook page.
But be warned, this set is mature rated, these super powerd zombies are eating people, falling apart and falling out of their costumes.

The set is made up of classic Public domain characters such as the Blue Flame, Black Cat, the original Mary Marvel, Phantom Lady, BulletGirl, Black Panther and the Girl Commandos as well as artists own created characters and superheroes such as Britannia, Majesty etc from other UDC sketchcardsets, all turned zombie and hungry for your brains and bodys.

So remember the date
1st of September at 6:30pm
packs go on sale for £12 pounds each

Saturday, 10 August 2013

BlackKatComics, Britannia sells out and Rebranding

Busy busy times folks. Firstly Britannia sold out, that was amazing and i spent a long time packing and mailing packs to customers, what a fantastic time.
But round about the same time, me and my buisness partner went in two different directions so our company ended and birthed two brand new companys. For my part it was the creation of Unpleasant Dreams Cards which meant rebranding websites and blogs, updating info, new logos etc, everything and slowed me down on compleating commissions. BUT the future is big, bright and shiney, UDC is established, Britannia sold out and this Halloween will see Mighty Zombies and DeadSexy2 go onsale as well as future sets already being made.
Plus I just got loads of commissions in the mail and i'm finishing more even as you read this.
Thats why i havent gotten much art out on my own little space, i've been so busy getting everything done. So enjoy these.

Theres a public domain crime fighting babe called The Black Cat, she was created a long time before Marvels own Blackcat, you can find her on google by typing Black Cat Comics, well i'm into public domain characters recently and a mate of mine wanted to write a Black Kat revamp comic. I kept him happy by doing a redesign and a couple of comic covers for fun.