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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Classic Crusaders

It's great to take a trip back down memory the very first superpowerd team i created - The Classic Crusaders
In 1138 the Knights Templer – warrior monks, fighting to protect the Holy Land and challenge evil at every turn, gathered together a group of individuals. Warriors with powers beyond those of mortal men, they were forged into the worlds first super heroes to battle forces mankind could not hope to vanquish… They were the Crusaders.

Introduction to ClassicCrusaders PinupBook 1
 I first dreamed up the Classic Crusaders from an old historicle document written about real female Templer Knights who died defending a castle and it's civilians from hordes of Saracens while they waited for backup. The attackers were so impressed by the skill and courage of these warrior women that they wrote about them in their records.
I took that moment in history and crafted my Crusaders around it.
ClassicCrusaders take on Satan

the girls give the beatdown

Kay by Dan Mendoza

One of the first ever piccys of Mercy
Babes, Bows and an Ape lol

NudeGirl Returns!!!

Haha I recently returned to one of my most bizaare comicbook creations - NudeGirl Agent of Death. I created her over a year or so ago and now i've started doing a few Sketchcards of her in action...

NudeGirl Sketchcard
Rebecca White was a humble Nudist, out doing a bit of surfing when 3 escapees from HELL in the guise of Sharkmen arrived and ate her up...
Lost in Limbo, Rebecca is hand picked by Death himself to seek out escaped souls and the tormented dead and drag them back to the Underworld for processing.

Original Nudegirl Pinup
Lol more NudeGirl Sketchcards to come

Saturday, 27 August 2011

SuperHero Sketchcards for Charity on Ebay

Hi gang, well good news, i drew some Superhero Sketchcards for Charity and now their up for sale on Ebay along with loads of others - SEE THEM ALL HERE

Wolverine, Wolvie and Spiderman, Blackcat

Powergirl, Blackwidow, BlackCat, Wonderwoman

Spiderwoman and spiderman, Shehulk and Sue, Blink
If you see any you like then get bidding :)

Monday, 15 August 2011


It finally happend, the special SKETCHCOVER edition has ARRIVED.

There are 3 ways to get it....

1. Blank Edition for you to draw on or get someone to draw on - BUY ME

2. Black&White Boo Sketch with free BADGE - BUY ME

3. Colour Boo Sketch with free BADGE - BUY ME

My personal copy with Bramble drawn by me
FANTASTIC SKETCH COVER EDITION - Taking short Comic Book story’s from VeganCaveGirl #1 and #2 in glorious grey tones PLUS a brand new Bonus VCG Story by French Comic Book Artist Elfie, This Sketch cover edition is a fantastic leap into the Busty world of Bramble the Vegan Cave Girl as we discover how she came to be on the mysterious world of Elmora, what happened to her brother, and the secret underground Mud Fighting arenas. Fun, Frolics and a severe lack of cloths. The SketchCover means either you can draw on the cover of this cool comic OR you can get a fav artist to do you something special.

Front Cover ready to be drawn on

back Cover

Inside Front Cover








 When crazy evil alien lizard men invade earth, Bramble, Agent of A.R.S.E. (Armed Response Special Elite) is trapped in a deadly explosion in reality. Falling through time and space she finds herself lost on a strange world full of Dinosaurs, Vampires, Fairy girls and other bizarre monsters who all want to take a bite out of her. Using her commando moves she survives, and becomes known as a VEGAN CAVE GIRL.

Well thats a darn good question and theres some big differances, both #1 and #2 of VeganCaveGirl Pinups have packed full of Pinups by fantastic artists and freinds i know... none of these are in this edition, their only in the Pinup issues.
Plus Pinups #2 is totally in colour, this Sketchcover Edition isnt, i took the time to carefully transform each page into amazing greyshades which create a tottally different feel and vibe to the storys.
AND this edition has a brand new VCG story illustrated by Elfie in glorious Black and White which is too tempting to resist.
Not to mention the Sketchcover, i've never done a Sketchcover of one of my comics before and that means every single issue is different/unique, either with my art on or your own.... that means your copy is different from everyone elses.

I adore my own personal copy, I drew the art on and enjoy reading it over and/ over again.
Dont forget to head over the to VeganCaveGirls Facebook Page and say hello and let me know what you think
All the best

Transformers Animated ROLLOUT

I was getting back into the flow of TFA again recently and did this warm up peice - Optimus Prime and his new human sidekick Edge
TFA Prime and Edge
and doing this reminded me of some of my more fun TFA peices of art that were totally unofficial over the years

Sam Jackson and Snakes on a Plane

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Batman Knight of Vengence AKA BatDad

I'm really into Batman Knight of Vengence, but it was only a 3 issue serise (history was alterd causeing Bruce to die instead of his parents, his farther became a much darker Batman who is murdering off most of the criminal element while trying to find a way to change history and his wife is the Joker!!!!)

BatDad tackles PoisenIvy
If your looking for a Batman comic thats quick to get into, depressing, bit twisted and tradgic then Batman: Knight of Vengence is a good pickup.... KillerCrock makes his horribal first appearance in #1 and is swiftly killed off by Batdad so you have to wonder how many rogues are left lol

Adam Kuberts Batdad Design

cover to #3
The fact that Batdad dips his Batarangs in poisens and anasthetics is a nice twist, Thomas Wayne has also turned Gotham into a Casino town so that he can control the flow of cash to crime and thus know who's who in the criminal world.
Another big change is that BatDad convinced everyone to let him Privitise the Gotham Police department... this is something thats a problem in Britain at the moment as the government is trying to sell off everything from the public sector to the private sector...imagine if Penquin could purchase the police!!! Instead Batdad owns them so he has the perfect excuse to visit crime-scenes and NOT get pursued by the police unlike reguler Batman.

At first i thought the idea of Batmans dad becoming Batman was a daft idea, but in these comics it all comes togeather and makes sense, but he's a reflection of the more mature older Batman we witnessed in Frankmillers Dark Knight books, but while Bruce was willing to retake the city and was reborn, Batdad is willing to burn the world to ash's

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Boo The Indescribable Most Powerful Man in the Universe Ever...

it had to happen... I became a superhero lol

More Busty Ninja!!!

Added another character to the BustyNinja world.... Acorn
Acorn is the Busty Ninja with the crimson hair and the girl you go to for words of wisdom on a dark day, a leathal weapon when it comes to the Nunchucks, Acorn is Orokos best freind and secret lover, although secrets like in Acorns past that may one day return to trouble her.
Acorn the BustyNinja

 Acorn is based on the hugely sexy Amanda Grey who i met and stalked on facebook lol. Once I began adding freinds to the world of Busty Ninja it made sense to create one around Amanda.

and it doesnt end there, i was sketching another character as well...Whisper
Whisper the Busty Ninja

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Busty Psylocke and Bondage Spiderwoman

I just got two new kinky pinups up for sale over on my ArtStore Buy Busty Psylocke or Buy Bondage Spiderwoman
Their both original A4 Illustrations of the Naughty variety lol

Busty Psylocke

Bondage Spiderwoman
...and once their gone, then there gone, so i hope they find a good home :)


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Busty Ninja Characters and Designs

Busty Ninja began as a few sketchcards.... and now it's getting more and more fun.

First thing to do was create a Busty Ninja Design that folks and I can follow
BustyNinja Design
I made the look of Busty Ninja very easy to follow and alter, but there are simple, key elements to maintain that BustyNinja look and that will extend into the world of BustyNinja.

Other characters are important tho - BustyNinja - Oroko - Mistress of the Boken. Oroko is one of the deadliest Clan Leaders of the BustyNinja. Mastering the wooden sword (the Boken) she can easily defeat any foe who may be tempted to try to lay a hand on her ample assests.
Useually found drinking tea beneath a whispering Willow Tree, Oroko summons Busty Ninja to her side and dispatchs them on important missions.
Oroko - Mistress of the Boken
Oroko was totally based on my buddy jennie ardley, she has such a beutiful shape and natural elegance that i had to base a Busty Ninja on her.

At the moment Busty Ninja is heading towards a pinup comic and some Sketchcards lol but get on facebook and slap a "like" on the Busty Ninja Facebook Page :P

Ninja Vanish