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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Boo loves some Transformers

MotorMaster by Boo and Josh
Alot of people dont realise i worked on transformers comics a few years ago, on TFA and some G1, im really proud of my days doing Transformers as i grew up with it in the 80's and i'll always be a hardcore fan.

Stunticon by Boo and Josh

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Booman and the Queen of Hearts

Phew, needed a break from drawing all these new sketchcards for other companys (thats right im returning to drawing loads of awesome sketchcards on cardsets) and then i found out... Booman had a date with Britannia and Majesty (both of them!!!) and they were wearing Alice in wonderland costumes (he's soo bloody lucky)...well his luck ran out when he was attacked by a gang of Killer Cards, led by that heart theif the Queen of Hearts...wowsers

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Boo Does NOT work with Marty

Hi Everyone, seems in the Sketch card Buiness theres some misunderstanding that I still work with Marty, I dont, we broke up last year, we run seperate companys, marty is not even in my freinds list anymore for personal reasons.

For people into sketchcards this will clear everything up, but it's alot of reading.

This seems confusing because we made sets togeather, and then I started making sets on my own when the company started to split, and Marty did the same so for everyone interested I can explain...

Marty and I produced Nevermore Alice 1 togeather, i didnt get a single card because all cards were mailed by artists to Marty who packed and sold them, Marty did keep a master set for himself (1 card from every artist).
My mum went and purchased a pack so i got a card lol just like a normal collector

Marty produced all island Dreams sets, I did the Logo for Ireland dreams 2 but again, I have no cards, never did.
Marty made Nevermore Alice 1, Island Dreams, Angels and Demons, Rock for Kids and that recent Southern Girls one... I dont know if Marty kept master sets or not...only for Nevermore Alice 1

I made (on my own) Nevermore Alice Flux, Nevermore Alice Eatme DrinkMe, Deadsexy 1 and DeadSexy2,Britannia, Mighty Zombies, kinky Clown Girls.
Marty purchased packs from DS1, Flux and Eatme DrinkMe but I picked them RANDOMLY, as i do for each and every customer/collector.

This was because, due to personal reasons, we began to seperate and produce our own sets. The split was full and public last year when i announced it to artists I work with in a private group i set up for artists on my sets.

I do NOT know if marty has been selling Nevermore Alice 1 cards from his first master set because i havent looked into it, but i do have scans so if i have to search this all out I can do.

I DO NOT keep master sets for myself, infact i have my sketchcard collection in 1 transformers ringbinder with a cool arse Bumblebee on the front cover lol and it contains cards ive purchased from artists and from ebay like a sweet catwoman from Tim Proctor and other artists.

for some sets such as Nevermore Alice Flux I sold master sets to public collectors, these were available for everyone to purchase and came with extras like badges and the cards were picked randomly and went on sale same day as every other pack. I even have records who purchased them as i hope they will buy again.

I hope this answears everyones questions, I do not cherry pick cards, i dont work with marty and I sell packs to everyone the same way for every set I produce here in the UK.
I hope i am not speaking for Marty as i do not wish to put words in his mouth, this is simply my point of view of what happend over the last few years