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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

BlackWidow of the Amazon Digital PDF Comic


I wanted to let everyone see inside the wicked cool 88page Black and White - BlackWidow of the Amazon Graphic Novel - as i'm now selling a digital download of it uber cheap at only £1.50

Or you can buy the Printed edition here - BUY IT - PRINTED EDITION

This is a Digital PDF 88page Black and White ComicBook, once you purchase I shall send you the book via email :)
If you would like to purchase the Printed Edition or other Comicbooks by me then please go to my blog with all relevant links -

(FRONT COVER COMES UNCENSORED hehe) Black Widow of the Amazon leaps into action in this awesome black and white book full of seductive pinups and amazing adventures. Learn more about her mysterious origin? Why her costume is so small? How men fall at her knees and die from her bite!!!. Then discover the sinister Villains, Corporations and Cannibal Queens who want to plunder her bountiful “treasures”. You’ll giggle and love every page of this kinky kick-arse Amazonian adventure… but careful you don’t get “sticky” in her web.

Who is the Black Widow of the Amazon? She is little more than myth, folklore, leaping from tree top to tree top, stalking the thieves and murderers who would plunder the Amazons amazing treasures… catching them in her web, she deals justice that no man or woman could resist.

This is an 88page Black and White ComicBook made of wicked cool comic storys and awesome pinups illustrated by Me and Russ Platt

Front Cover
Comicpage Boo

Pinup Russ

Pinup Boo

Comicpage Russ

Pinup Russ

Comicpage Boo
 Grab yourself the secrets of the Black Widow of the Amazon

Going Erotic... The world affairs influence what i'm drawing


Theres something about the economic depression thats changing alot of commissions to a more erotic angle, i dont think i've had to draw as many naughty pictures before lol

My theory is that people want something that will cheer them up and that they carnt normally get. As sure as the Sun sits in the heavens, erotica has existed since Cavemen first started drawing boobies on ancient stone walls lol and while some people feel it is "beneath" them to draw sexy girls, when those folks are dead and buried someone else is still going to be making people happy by drawing something sexy lol

Make love not War

Monday, 27 June 2011

Sketchcard Commissions are my Cheapest

over on my art shop My Art Shop my Sketchcard Commissions are only £11 with free shipping and those are the cheapest Commissions of original artwork i do. PLUS Sketchcards are easy to store and collect, come in colour, can be framed or given as gifts etc their hugely addictive....
Alot of folks dont know what one is - Sketch cards are 2.5" by 3.5" (some Official cards are 4" by 5" or 5" by 7" when uncut) pieces of original art usually created completely in traditional mediums such as pencil, ink, markers, paint and more. This makes each card individual and essentially one of a kind.

Busty Ninja Sketchcard

Busty Ninja Sketchcard

VeganaveGirl Sketchcard

SOLD Sevent of Nine Voyager Sketchcard
 I draw every Sketchcard by hand, then ink them and colour them with Promarkers and LePlumes
 creating an original peice of artwork that can never be copied, i can only go and do another original item.
Drawing and Inking

Then I get Colouring...

KaPow an original SketchCard is finished

and my trusty Promarkers have saved the day
Working on Proffesstional/Official SketchCard sets is fantastic, I can be doing anything from 10 cards for a Cahrity Set to 40 to 80 cards for an Official Set and thats alot of fun.... But collectors can charge alot of money for them on Ebay.

Here, i only charge the ONE PRICE, and i've done alot of different cards, Transformers, superheros, Startrek, erotica, Gothic, Emo, Fairy, Fantasy, you name it and i've done cards of it lol. So grab yourself a bargain priced 100% original Sketchcard off me today :)

SpiderWoman Sketchcard

SOLD Lobo Sketchcard

EmoGirl Sketchcard

SOLD Riddler Sketchcard

SOLD Penquin Sketchcard

Busty Ninja Sketchcard

GreenLantern Movie Sketchcard

HarleyQuinn Sketchcard

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Supergirl wont stop....

I may have been banned from DA for supposedly drawing supergirl.... but that wont stop me :P

Leaving DA was a good experiance, i discoverd i had been isloating myself to 1 spot of the internet.... when i wasnt going there to deal with messages and emails etc i started to spread out, i made this wicked cool blog, got my flickr account up, and theres LOADS more people on Facebook and everywhere else other than DA which was becoming full of Trolls just roaming around to drag ya down.
I'll miss all my freinds and supporters there, but many of them are on other websites as well and I would rather support websites that dont condone people covering their gallerys in nazi swastikas, bashing lesbians and allowing full on porn while artists like me and my mates get punished, used, abused and pushed around..

Up Up And Away
SuperBoo lol

Friday, 24 June 2011

Drawing Real People and Busty Babes....

When it comes to "illustrators" like us drawing real people we divide into 2 groups - Realistic or Stylistic.
Realistic artists have a wonderful mind, able to absorb incredible detail and repeat it on the page, but Stylistic artists take all the core details that are most important and push them through a small hole in their head so you see how they see the world and you end up with something unique to them which is a real gem. Both approachs are valid and take great skill.... It's up to you which you prefer and which you do, but i'm a Stylistic artist and i draw how i see the world.

The topic for this weekends Sketch Saturday Group is Audrey Bitoni, drawing a real person is a fun excersize, it forces us to focus on more important details - pose - character - expression - detail - Below is an old Audrey Bitoni pinup i did a while back.
Audrey Bitoni

Audrey Bitoni by Boo

Jeanette Ardley
Jeanette Ardly
 It's important to have a couple of different forms of referance because when a head tilts one way or another it can change the look of the face, a different pose shows hair differently and alters your perspective, but by looking at a few referance pictures you can begin to build up the correct look in your minds eye.                                                      
With Jeanette i looked at a few of her photos and took what i thought was important, her beutiful faceshape, those thick yummy eyebrows and peirceing eyes, she also has little lips that pout and those details had to be translated to the paper.... BUT i made the pose up myself.

Annette by Boo


Another example of taking the details and changing the pose.  Stylistic artwork is about absorbing only the essential details, and then doing something thats totally you. I wanted to capture Annettes playful side, her cute outfit and i left the shading off her hair because i hope it would be coloured. Her glasses were important, her eyes had to communicate through or over them because they became a useful tool to express her playful nature.
Annette, Jeanette and Audrey all have different faceshapes, hair styles, lip shapes, and it's these and a combination of what your own style looks like that make the illustration/pinup come to life.

Kitty Lea by Boo
I drew Kitty years ago...but this is a good example
how to build up the image. Have a pose in mind,
then lightly draw the egg/oval for the head and do a
stick frame pose beneath it, flowing from the neck.

Now lightly draw a line across the face where the eyes
will go, lightly sketch the hair in and then start the nose,
lipse, eyebrows and eyes in. Once the basics of your
face are there this will help you flesh out the body.

The body shape depends on the person your drawing,
but some cloths can help you get that pose you want,
see how i use the sleeves on the arms, this helped me
get the arms to go where i wanted and allowed me to
make the boobies look more eye-popping. Dont
forget the curves, girls are curvy, guys are curvy... but
girls are more curvy lol.

Learning to draw real people Stylistically is a fun experiance but it's also about self expression. You wont always get it right, often mine look wrong untill i get those eyes finished and the girl on paper starts to communicate with the viewer, but it's about leaping in. poses soon become easy and second nature and it's the face you have to concentrate on because THATS what will say if you got them right or not.

Number 1 rule - dont be afraid lol


(All Photos belong to their copyright holders, they were used without permission simply for education purposes and if this causes anyone offence just let me know and we can sort it out)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A,O.A. Age Of Atlantis

I've been dipping into the classic Age Of Apocalypse again, remember that X-Men storyline from years back when Proffessor X's batarse crazy son travelled back in time to kill Magneto before the X-Men ever existed.... but he accidently killed Xavier instead....
It changed history, Magneto formed a much more freindly team of X-Men in homage to Xaviers dream, but it was far too late to stop Apocalypse and his Rubber Lips from taking over the world and re-making it in his image.
Lots of dark storylines, character re-designs, some became badguys, others remaind good guys and ultimatly the day could only be won with the sacrifice of the brave and the bold.

Yeah Age Of Apocalypse was alot of fun, and it made me want to rip it off.....err ahem i mean it made me want to lovingly pay homage to it with my own A.O.A. - Age of Atlantis.

Atlantis Sank.....or did it, when a Vampire Cult discovers a way to infulence the past, it prevents the fall of Atlantis, and the Vampire Bloodlords set about enslaving the world....changing the timeline of the BooUniverse in drastic ways.
Which would be a perfect time for The Impossible Man to show up
ImpossibleMan deals with scumbag Nick Clegg
Due to an important plot point that would take too long to explain here (lol) he's still uneffected by the History change, but finds everyone he knows totally different and the world under a powerful grip. Bodies pile up, Kingdoms rise, Heroes fall and Blood will rain.


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Shell Heads

I recently did some up to date Ninja Turtles ART samples in the hopes of getting into the New IDW Ninja Turtles comic.

Comic Page

Character Studys

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rock Music with a Boo Cover on ITunes for you Cool cats

Thats right, you can now get Robot A's album on Itunes featuring a cool cover by Boo


Robot A Cover

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Boo Universe

You may not know it, but every character i create lives in the Impossible Universe AKA Earth 818181 AKA The Boo Universe lol
Bramble the Vegancavegirl comes from the same place as The Impossible Man, Kingdom, Red Rooster, The Classic Crusaders, BlackBird, The Red Lions, A.R.S.E. Armed Response Rapid Elite, Abergail, BeWere etc. Folks wanted to see me create superheroes, busty butt kicking babes and horrible villians.... and slowly, they became a world of their own, everyone was interconnected and i'm really proud of how it looks.

Impossible Man design

ARSE Agents Solarstorm and BigG

RedRooster design

Bramble the VeganCaveGirl


Kingdom and the dayDream

Kingdom Armoured Design

LegoKingdom vs LegoPope

Kingdom battles DeadKingdom


The Red Lions

Kingdom origin

Kingdom supports the NHS