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Monday, 13 February 2012

Particle Man - SuperHero Design

For Sketch Saturday (an art group on facebook that anyone can join) the topic was "Make your own superhero representing the country your in/from) so with a quick sketch just before i fell asleep i came up with Particle Man

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

SuperHero Design

In my spare time over the years i love designing original superheros, i dream them up, plot out their design in my head and then hit the paper.

The White Wasp
The White Wasp with his Stining ElectroMachine Gun, patrolling the mean coastal streets of Redcar and crushing evil with the fists of justice.

Whisper is a haunting superbabe with the power to make people tell the truth

Staff was alot of fun and a straight forward design for an arse kicking Superbabe

The Red Dragon
Red Dragon is a nightmare for crime everywhere and came from me playing too much batman arkam city

Merveille is the main SuperBabe of france, named by my good freind Elfie and designed by Me she crushes giant robots and bloodthirsty thugs all day long.

I really love the process of designing, sketching the bodyframe, laying down the design elements and watching as this new character comes to life who didnt exist before.