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Friday, 17 January 2014

VeganCaveGirl Digital Issue 1 now onsale

Thats right i'm playing in the world of Digital Comics, buying comics costs so much these days and alot of it comes down to the post and packing, especially when your ordering from websites that print our comics.
I will keep producing my indie titles and sell them in print for everyone who wants them, but Now i'm excited to start having a go at producing digital comics which you can download direct to your computer or laptop.

To start us off I have remasterd VeganCavegirl #1 and #2 into one single VeganCaveGirl Digital #1, in full colour, you can read all the details about it by clicking the above link which will take you to my Etsy store.

I plan to have more digital issues up soon, some superhero, some erotic as well as VeganCaveGirl Digital #2 for everyone to enjoy, it should be as simple as clicking buy, paying with paypal and then instantly downloading your comic as a wicked cool PDF.