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Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas and a Cake filled Winter Solstice

It's the festive time of year again, and at this time it's important to think of everyone who has supported me over the years and enjoyed my artwork, theres no way i can thankyou all enough or tell you how much it means.

leading up to Christmas I have been colouring my cards for the RedSonja card serise and drawing my Vampirellas, also mailing out as many purchased packs of Nevermore Alice WinterSolstice as i could and i'll be continuing doing that when the mail re-opens.
But i know that 2012 holds other exciting ArtTimes ahead, when the blanks arrive I shall be working on Marvel beginings 2 and The Avengers artcard serise not to mention the 60's British Avengers and Night of the Living Dead and a whole bunch of other cool gigs.
I'm thinking of future projects as well, i really enjoy creating cardsets and selling them on to collectors and hearing what they got and how they enjoyed them, so creating cardSets looks like a new path for me to follow, but i hope to do some comics as well and compleate commissions.

Christmas is a time to stop and rest, to be with loved ones and remember whats important in life and thats exactly what i'm doing right now, I hope you are too (StarTrek Search for Spock is on TV as i Type "my god bones, what have  done..."

Merry WinterSolstice
Happy Christmas
Boo'timus Prime

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