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Friday, 6 July 2012

Skeletor Explodes your Balls

It's been years since i drew any of these characters, but i returned to Eternia, Skeletor and his crew, Evil Lynn, TriKlops and Beastman... BUT i didnt use any referance art, i tried to capture it from memory which is why i gave skeletor a brand new sword and changed eveyones costumes a little bit

Rock On


  1. Pretty cool designs from memory. Mix of 80s and 2000s :)

    1. cheers, i have no idea what the recent animated show ones looked like anymore, i havent watched the toon in ages and my figures are in a box waiting for me to get new shelves up, i was glad i did these before DC just released the new comicbook designs online as well so i wasnt influenced by them either... I just had the paper in front of me and said to myself... what do you remember Skeletor and gang looking like, then when i had holes in my memory i just filled them with my imagination on the spot :)

      Now i have seen the modern comic ones today...well err, how can i be polite about them...errr lol