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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

More Catman...

GodDamn Catman Comic Page - Catman cruises across the river in his CatCar, on the way to beat some sense into the criminal scum of SkinningGrove when Kingdom and Bramble frmo A.R.S.E. give him a friendly warning not to get involved... Catman doesnt listen of course
 Catman visits the grave of .....
and has the GodDamn Catman's comic already been taken over before it was even published!!!

Alot of people dont realise that my GodDamn Catman is based on the original public domain Cat-Man and Kitten comics

You can check them out with wikipedia and theres an awesome website out there listing all the public domain comicbook characters available.
I've always loved CatMan, there was a great version on Fairy Odd Parents where AdamWest played catman as himself lol fantastic. DC has it's own Catman who is a Batman villian and many other publications have created their own Catmans over the years, so I couldnt resist creating mine, based on the original Cat-Man and Kitten, but i wanted to redesign them so they fitted into my world of characters.

Fear the Claws of the Catman

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