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Monday, 31 December 2012

A New Year Dawns

It's been a busy year.
I co-created Marty and Boo cards with my buddy Marty and we launched a number of amazing card sets such as Nevermore Alice, Island Dreams etc with hand drawn artwork by incredible artists from around the world, and all of them sold out, i'm soo proud, recently DeadSexy sold out in a single day over Halloween despite america suffering terribal storms at that exact moment.

I've worked on loads of other companys official sets including Batman, Avengers, Marvel, ladydeath, Vampirella and soooo many more, although a low moment was when the american postal system stole over 50 of my official full colour RedSonja cards, yep i paid for tracking and watched them travel around the states before they were magically "lost".

I created one of my most iconic characters Britannia (which you can see above in various outfits Manga, Classic, Celtic and Steampunk), secretly i'm in the middle of producing a Britannia Artcard set for 2013 and these cards are mind blowing, i'll tell you more later.

And commissions, it was a bad year for commissions taking longer than they should, but i've been eternally grateful for the amazing clients who were understanding and patient, I have the final commissions compleated and going in the mail once it starts running properly in the UK WAHOOOOOOOoooo

So much more has happend, so much my melon is popping and i'm very very tired lol and need some sleep, but it couldnt have happend without your support and i send galactic hugs out to you all for it.

Now 2013 looms, it's New Years Eve today and thing have already been set in motion, i'm illustrating comic pages for an erotic comic, every page has a sexy girl on it riding a big lovepole haha, the artwork is coming in for 3 brand new art card sets which i can announce soon hehe.

Good Life and Good Love

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