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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Where has Boo Gone to!!!

Well since WinterSolsticeEve last year family health problems have been big, i've been in and out of hospital a few times and so I havent been online much and i've fallen behind in work, commissions and replying to everyones emails.

I will catch up eventually... but family comes first, it's my number 1 golden rule, so no, i havent run away or been squished beneath my rather large awesome PowerRangersSamuraiMegazord :P

Add on top of that my entire villiage was snowed in for over a week here in the UK, no mailmen, no road in or out of the villiage, wowsers, so i've got some customers work ready but i just couldnt mail it out. Well now some has been mailed out and i'm doing another mailing trip on friday (todays Thursday right...)

So if i havent replied to you or sent you your cool stuff yet, i'm sorry, honestly I would rather the things happening not be happening, but i'm working towards everything catching up
Back Soon

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