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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Batman Knight of Vengence AKA BatDad

I'm really into Batman Knight of Vengence, but it was only a 3 issue serise (history was alterd causeing Bruce to die instead of his parents, his farther became a much darker Batman who is murdering off most of the criminal element while trying to find a way to change history and his wife is the Joker!!!!)

BatDad tackles PoisenIvy
If your looking for a Batman comic thats quick to get into, depressing, bit twisted and tradgic then Batman: Knight of Vengence is a good pickup.... KillerCrock makes his horribal first appearance in #1 and is swiftly killed off by Batdad so you have to wonder how many rogues are left lol

Adam Kuberts Batdad Design

cover to #3
The fact that Batdad dips his Batarangs in poisens and anasthetics is a nice twist, Thomas Wayne has also turned Gotham into a Casino town so that he can control the flow of cash to crime and thus know who's who in the criminal world.
Another big change is that BatDad convinced everyone to let him Privitise the Gotham Police department... this is something thats a problem in Britain at the moment as the government is trying to sell off everything from the public sector to the private sector...imagine if Penquin could purchase the police!!! Instead Batdad owns them so he has the perfect excuse to visit crime-scenes and NOT get pursued by the police unlike reguler Batman.

At first i thought the idea of Batmans dad becoming Batman was a daft idea, but in these comics it all comes togeather and makes sense, but he's a reflection of the more mature older Batman we witnessed in Frankmillers Dark Knight books, but while Bruce was willing to retake the city and was reborn, Batdad is willing to burn the world to ash's

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