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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Classic Crusaders

It's great to take a trip back down memory the very first superpowerd team i created - The Classic Crusaders
In 1138 the Knights Templer – warrior monks, fighting to protect the Holy Land and challenge evil at every turn, gathered together a group of individuals. Warriors with powers beyond those of mortal men, they were forged into the worlds first super heroes to battle forces mankind could not hope to vanquish… They were the Crusaders.

Introduction to ClassicCrusaders PinupBook 1
 I first dreamed up the Classic Crusaders from an old historicle document written about real female Templer Knights who died defending a castle and it's civilians from hordes of Saracens while they waited for backup. The attackers were so impressed by the skill and courage of these warrior women that they wrote about them in their records.
I took that moment in history and crafted my Crusaders around it.
ClassicCrusaders take on Satan

the girls give the beatdown

Kay by Dan Mendoza

One of the first ever piccys of Mercy
Babes, Bows and an Ape lol

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  1. What hack of an artist did you let do those lettering and speech-balloon in sample 5? :P