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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sketchcards are an obsession

So i've been working on doing some sketchcard sets, they can take alot of time up, i just put some 60's Avengers and a Dalek Invasion Earth to bed only to jump right into the official Grimm fairytales set.....not to mention commissions etc.

Thus i've been drawing, but havent had much time to scan lol, things waiting to be scanned for your viewing pleasure include Busty boobie girls eating Carrots!!! brand new hero and villian designs for RedRooster including one of his nemesis - FowlPlay, so while you wait, here a couple of brand new Classic Crusaders Sketchcards i drew

Kumi Sketchcard

kay Sketchcard

Titan Sketchcard
And then of course i had to pop a new Rogue card on my Artstore as well....
Rogue now for sale on my store
and who likes some Marvel Zombies :P
MarvelZombies X-Force

MarvelZombies BlackCat

Awesome, carnt wait to show you cats some more and if you have any suggestions of sites i should post on then let me know :)
Rock on

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  1. Have you considered opening a Tumblr site? They don't care about nudity or adult material. It also lets people repost images to their own timeline which can expose your work to more people.