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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Majesty designs

Majesty was originally created as my erotic comics superbabe because i didnt want to walk down that road with Britannia, but shes grown out of that simple role and is taking on a life of her own.

Majesty's Mum is a villian known as the CobraQueen and she runs a religous Serpent Cult... but Majesty rebelled as a Teenage girl with limitless power and massive boobies... selling her services as a "super power for rent". Every mad scientist needing protection paid her wads of cash under the identity BallBuster, untill it all went wrong and she was busted by A.R.S.E. (armed resonse special elite).

Locked up in the Dome (formally known as the Millenium Dome, it was converted into a prison for supers), Kingdom and the heads of A.R.S.E. made her an offer. Get rebranded as a superhero called Majesty. She took the offer and now kicks all kinds of arse, but she hasnt stopped being all kinds of naughty.

So above is her design sheet. Her reguler Majesty costume known as a BlackJack outfit as it's based on a dark union jack flag. She goes with and without her mask. Plus her BallBuster design.

Now enjoy cover artwork from Majesty #1 now being drawn. Majesty sits infront of Galactic Dominator - Big Bong!!!
This comic will be funny, sexy, twisted and a bit strange lol, written and drawn by Boo and feature cool and erotic pinpups.
Dont worry I'll keep you all up to date and share sneak peeks as it comes togeather :)

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