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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tron Britannia and Dark Britannia

While compleating some commissions i got the time to sketch 2 new Britannia designs...

Tron Britannia
I'm a big Tron Legacy fan, so of course i wanted to create a Tron'esq costume
for Britannia to use in her Digital Adventures. Keeping it sexy but still inline with her original
classic oufit.
Then we have...
Dark (Nazi) Britannia
In an alternate reality where the Third Reich starts in the UK rather than Germany,
The super-powerd community takes the idea of the Uber-man to heart and 
enslaves all non powerd humans, taking over the world and setting their sights
on alternate realitys!!!
So I gave Britannia a much shorter haircut, a cute hat and turned her outfit into
more of a uniform dress/suit. I also combined the Swastika with the Unionjack since it's
an entire alternate universe and i would be expanding the costume to various

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