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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Nevermore Alice Sold OUT

Wow in just two days Nevermore Alice was a total SELL OUT. I hoped it would happen, but when i was sat there designing the characters, creating the world of Nevermore Alice and then bringing all these artists from around the world togeather to illustrate it i didnt dare dream people would be so excited about it
I knew straight away when Marty and I teamed up i wanted to jump into Wonderland, it's a much loved book of mine and so many people have done their own interpretations, but i wanted to create a wonderland that was soaked in the poetry of Poe and with my own clear style to the characters and monsters, but i had to remmeber, other people would be illustrating them so every character had to look strong and have a clear design and that really flesh out the world
Drawn by Boo with Colour by Dave Reynolds
I didnt want to rush into Wonderland and throw everything and the kitchen sink in, i wanted people to just be on the edge, meet some of the important characters and be excited for those still to come. My old mate Dave Reynolds really brought a vibrant life to nevermore alice with his smooth colour palate that made the mushrooms seem so large and real and full of mystery.
And now that nevermore alice 1 was a sell out and the Nevermore Alice Winter Solstice packs are almost gone i have to start work on Nevermore Alice 2 :P
See you in Wonderland

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  1. Congratulations! Your designs certainly deserve every success you get.