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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

It's that Scarett Chick from GIJoe...

Drawn for Sketch Saturday, she played Scarlet in GIJoe Rise of the Cobra, she was the main Priestess in the modern Conan and the Orion Savegirl cadet in the modern Startrek.
I sketched her while i had food poisening, i just hit the paper with pencil and then some inks and used a sharpie on the hair. It's the ONLY thing i got done while i was dieing and convinced i could take my body off like a suit lol.
Now i'm feeling better i look back at it and have very little memory of drawing the picture but i'm still pleased with how she came out.
Drawing real people isnt easy for me, i prefer to capture things in my own style, if you want realism then thats what cameras are for lol so when i do approach a real person i try to capture some of their character and flesh them out in "Boo'ism" :P

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