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Tuesday, 6 March 2012


SuperGirl Design by Boo
With so many Supergirls out there, and DC's recent Earth 1 and Earth 2 new Supergirls which neather i was overjoyed with, i put my foot down and designed my own Supergirl who has far more space adventures - SUPERGIRL Up Up and AWAY.
I kept her design pure and simple, or you could say bold. A blue minidress with sleeves, thigh boots, a belt, choker and hairband so shes stylish but still ready for battle. I popped her on facebook and was pleasantly surprised by how much attention she got, personally i'm buzzing with the look.

I got carried away after doing the Boo design and splashed out a quick comic page of her tackling Doomsday

Supergirl Black and White
Hope you enjoy Boo Supergirl
UpUp and AWAY

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