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Saturday, 9 July 2011

ClassicCrusaders PinupBook DigitalDownload Available

I just got the Digital Download of my 108 page Classic Crusaders pinup book in my Art Shop - BUY ME HERE

OR you can get the printed copy for only $8.50 (plus shipping) - BUY ME IN PRINT

In 1138 the Knights Templer – warrior monks, fighting to protect the Holy Land and challenge evil at every turn, gathered together a group of individuals. Warriors with powers beyond those of mortal men, they were forged into the worlds first super heroes to battle forces mankind could not hope to vanquish… They were the Crusaders.

FrontCover by Boo & David Reynolds

BackCover by Boo & David Reynolds

Your looking at a 108 page black and white PinUp Book of AWESOMNESS by Boo. Classic Crusaders is everything you need, Medieval Super heroines battling the forces of darkness, humour, Naughty Bits, Templers, Mythology, Action and a big talking Ape!!!
The first CC Pinup Book has the first 3 short stories i ever created of them and more Pinups than even the Sinister Saladin can handle, most by Boo, but there is a special part at the back with fantastic pinups of the girls by various artists I have bribed and blackmailed over the years and then called friends. This book has it all, everything I’ve been sketching and drawing since I began creating Classic Crusaders, but be warned, with great danger, comes great Tunic ripping action :)

Intro page

Comic page

Pinup Page


Comic Page

Pinup Page

And thats just SOME of the Pinups and artwork in the book. Dave did such a killer job on the Front cover and back cover to make it look sensational and I really did squeeze practically everything I had done of them into it for everyone to enjoy, so check it out here and then go and grab yourself a Print edtion or Digital edition
Classic Crusaders PinUps Book 1 TM and © Boo, Squishy Brain Company. All rights reserved.

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