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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Working on Comics...

I love working on comics, it's just such an expressive medium. I remember being a kid and finding a comic in the newsagents or getting a free one with a toy.

Transformers Inked Cover

Transformers Finished Cover
I grew up loving the Transformers and still regard the original 80's film as one of the best movies of all time :) so to work specifically within that Continuity was a buzz. Written by Simon Furrman, drawn by Me and colours by Josh Burcham and others I really liked how the comic came out, even tho it was created only to be included with the toy twin pack.

Comicpage RoughPencils

ComicPage Inks

ComicPage Colours
because I knew how well Josh did space scenes, i tailored some of the pages to really take advantage of his skills, i pulled out, leaving the Sweeps and Cyclonus very small so that Josh could go to work making space look massive and alive, it turned out to be one of my fav parts of this issue, giving that depth to space.

ComicPage Rough Pencils

ComicPage Inks

ComicPage Colour
Whenever you finish a gig you want to go back and tweak bits haha everyone does, but i like to work some distance into a page, get something up close and something far away so you feel your reading something that is not only full of style, but gives you expression of character, movement and a different angle each time. it moves you around the scene and their world and keeps things fresh to view.

Yes i love drawing comics :)
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