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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dynamo 5 Sketchcards

Awesome news, i've been working alongside loads of killer artists on the Official Dynamo 5 Sketchcard serise for Sketchcard Studio Click Here
I produced one exciting BaseCard, Drawn by Boo and coloured by Dave Reynolds as well as doing LOADS of hand drawn and coloured Sketchcards.
A sketchcard is basically a blank trading card which an artist does some original art on, their fun to collect, share or give as gifts.

Blank Dynamo 5 cards ready for me to draw on...
I pencilled, then inked and then coloured each card with Promarkers and LaPlumes. I made sure to read some Dynamo 5 comics, learn who the characters were and then I got down to work.

Dynamo Sketchcards

Dynamo 5 Sketchcards
Dynamo 5 Sketchcards

Dynamo 5 Sketchcards

Dynamo 5 Sketchcards

Dynamo 5 Sketchcards

It was great fun working on this set, learning about the characters and expressing them through my own art-style.
Basecard by Boo and Dave Reynolds
The base card was a real honour to produce, it allowed me to work in a different way and team up with my old buddy Dave, i'm buzzing about how it came out.

If you want to get any of the cards by me or by the many many other talented artists who worked on this set, then just head to the website at the start and click it to find out more :)

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