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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My BRANDNEW Blog... awesome

Well there has been Ups and Downs recently, but through it all one thing has remaind constant, Boobies.... WAIT no  lol I meant my Supporters. It's been really really awesome to read comments of support, get emails and private messages telling me how much you enjoy my work and want me to carry on posting artwork and witty comments.... or at least the artwork anyway.
Thats the wicked cool cover to my Classic Crusaders book, i crammed soooo much Classic Crusaders awesomeness into it that it explodes, sending Buttkicking babes, blood thirsty saracens and slimey Monsters everywhere haha (cover colours by my bro Dave Reynolds). and you can grab the book here - Buy Me - 108 Black and White pages for only $8.50!!!!

Yes, my first post is me pimping one of my books haha, what can i say, i wanted to do something that was straightforward lol and had cool art, monsters, warrior women, swordplay, superpowers and NudeBits :P

Ever Onward

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