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Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Boo Universe

You may not know it, but every character i create lives in the Impossible Universe AKA Earth 818181 AKA The Boo Universe lol
Bramble the Vegancavegirl comes from the same place as The Impossible Man, Kingdom, Red Rooster, The Classic Crusaders, BlackBird, The Red Lions, A.R.S.E. Armed Response Rapid Elite, Abergail, BeWere etc. Folks wanted to see me create superheroes, busty butt kicking babes and horrible villians.... and slowly, they became a world of their own, everyone was interconnected and i'm really proud of how it looks.

Impossible Man design

ARSE Agents Solarstorm and BigG

RedRooster design

Bramble the VeganCaveGirl


Kingdom and the dayDream

Kingdom Armoured Design

LegoKingdom vs LegoPope

Kingdom battles DeadKingdom


The Red Lions

Kingdom origin

Kingdom supports the NHS

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