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Monday, 13 June 2011

Spiderman UK

Spiderman UK Finsished Design
Spiderman UK Second Design

Spiderman UK First Draft

Doctor Octopus

Venom and Carnage
Spiderman UK was a really cool concept created by my bro Benjamin Hayden, he wanted to take the world of Marvel Comics and set it in the UK rather than America... so Peter Parker would be born in York (not New York), and these changes alter the look of Spiderman, how he intereacts with a much older, more historicle town and it's gothic architexture. Thus the classic Spiderman Villians get a change as well, Doctor Octopus became more of a European mastermind/pimpster lol. The Green Goblin is a mercenary comeing from a long line of hitmen dating back to the Crusades.

When Designing the new Spiderman UK Costume i wanted to take little parts of previous spiderman outfits but give them a Boo twist, make it dynamic and still clearly "spiderman" but change it enough so that the viewwer would be getting something new and darker.
My first draft, i liked it, but it didnt look different enough, so i went back to editing it and made the SpiderGoggles glow in the dark and reworked the spider logos legs.

Doctor Octopus came straight away, he's European, been involved with crime at high levels and his arms have a very Norse feel and look to them, i thought perhaps they were an ancient weapon he uncoverd.

Venom and Carnage.... i wanted to make them twins, everyone loves Ninja Twins lol and it was important to consider how they would interact with Spiderman....and when Venom decides it wants Parker, how that would effect Carnage.

My Spidersense is Tingling

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