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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

BlackWidow of the Amazon Digital PDF Comic


I wanted to let everyone see inside the wicked cool 88page Black and White - BlackWidow of the Amazon Graphic Novel - as i'm now selling a digital download of it uber cheap at only £1.50

Or you can buy the Printed edition here - BUY IT - PRINTED EDITION

This is a Digital PDF 88page Black and White ComicBook, once you purchase I shall send you the book via email :)
If you would like to purchase the Printed Edition or other Comicbooks by me then please go to my blog with all relevant links -

(FRONT COVER COMES UNCENSORED hehe) Black Widow of the Amazon leaps into action in this awesome black and white book full of seductive pinups and amazing adventures. Learn more about her mysterious origin? Why her costume is so small? How men fall at her knees and die from her bite!!!. Then discover the sinister Villains, Corporations and Cannibal Queens who want to plunder her bountiful “treasures”. You’ll giggle and love every page of this kinky kick-arse Amazonian adventure… but careful you don’t get “sticky” in her web.

Who is the Black Widow of the Amazon? She is little more than myth, folklore, leaping from tree top to tree top, stalking the thieves and murderers who would plunder the Amazons amazing treasures… catching them in her web, she deals justice that no man or woman could resist.

This is an 88page Black and White ComicBook made of wicked cool comic storys and awesome pinups illustrated by Me and Russ Platt

Front Cover
Comicpage Boo

Pinup Russ

Pinup Boo

Comicpage Russ

Pinup Russ

Comicpage Boo
 Grab yourself the secrets of the Black Widow of the Amazon

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