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Sunday, 12 June 2011

X-Force UK Designs

For my mate Benjamin, i started redesigning the MARVEL Universe as if it was set in the UK, it began with a British Spiderman, but it spread to his foes, then the X-men etc....
and thats what took me to UK X-Force.

X-Force UK Title/Logo

The X-Force Team
I wanted to make X-Force look different and be totally different than all it's previous incarnations.... So i turned them into a Psychic "MindWalkers" strike team lead by Xavier.
You never get a team thats only made up of Mentle power-sets, but Xavier took mutant kids and turned them into an attack force a number of times.... if he didnt have to look after a school i thought this would be a natural direction for him, it's his "speciality".
X-Force tackles the most extreame and dangerous mutant threats the world faces and shuts them down hard.
I went back to the New X-men Morrison era costumes and tried to give them a little Boo'twist to bring out each character more....and of course who can miss the Charleys Angels connotations lol Wish i hadnt screwed up Emmas head a little bit lol thats what happens when your drawing when you need sleep lol but it doesnt detract from the designs and whole feel of what i nailed down.

To Me my X-Men
Proffessor Boo

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