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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Supergirl wont stop....

I may have been banned from DA for supposedly drawing supergirl.... but that wont stop me :P

Leaving DA was a good experiance, i discoverd i had been isloating myself to 1 spot of the internet.... when i wasnt going there to deal with messages and emails etc i started to spread out, i made this wicked cool blog, got my flickr account up, and theres LOADS more people on Facebook and everywhere else other than DA which was becoming full of Trolls just roaming around to drag ya down.
I'll miss all my freinds and supporters there, but many of them are on other websites as well and I would rather support websites that dont condone people covering their gallerys in nazi swastikas, bashing lesbians and allowing full on porn while artists like me and my mates get punished, used, abused and pushed around..

Up Up And Away
SuperBoo lol

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