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Thursday, 23 June 2011

A,O.A. Age Of Atlantis

I've been dipping into the classic Age Of Apocalypse again, remember that X-Men storyline from years back when Proffessor X's batarse crazy son travelled back in time to kill Magneto before the X-Men ever existed.... but he accidently killed Xavier instead....
It changed history, Magneto formed a much more freindly team of X-Men in homage to Xaviers dream, but it was far too late to stop Apocalypse and his Rubber Lips from taking over the world and re-making it in his image.
Lots of dark storylines, character re-designs, some became badguys, others remaind good guys and ultimatly the day could only be won with the sacrifice of the brave and the bold.

Yeah Age Of Apocalypse was alot of fun, and it made me want to rip it off.....err ahem i mean it made me want to lovingly pay homage to it with my own A.O.A. - Age of Atlantis.

Atlantis Sank.....or did it, when a Vampire Cult discovers a way to infulence the past, it prevents the fall of Atlantis, and the Vampire Bloodlords set about enslaving the world....changing the timeline of the BooUniverse in drastic ways.
Which would be a perfect time for The Impossible Man to show up
ImpossibleMan deals with scumbag Nick Clegg
Due to an important plot point that would take too long to explain here (lol) he's still uneffected by the History change, but finds everyone he knows totally different and the world under a powerful grip. Bodies pile up, Kingdoms rise, Heroes fall and Blood will rain.


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