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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

UK X-Men Logo Design

So some of you may recall how I was creating/designing Marvel Heroes as if they were set in the UK recently for my buddy Benjamin Hayden.... well I thought you might like to see the X-Men Logo I designed for it.
When I start creating a "project" I like to make the logo/title because that to me, shows the theme of the concept, it gives you an instant taste of what it may look like...

In this world I re-imagined the main Xmen team as a "treatment center" for new mutants.... rather than being a school with a strike team.... now the X-Men have become experts/healers/educators in Mutant situations.... if a child gets crazy arse Mutant powers and burns the house down, you send it to the X-Institute where the experts can get to grips with the situation, get the childs powers under control and when ready put the child back into the world. These arent the people who get the press outside screaming for their blood, their the people you phone for help when your town is about to be eaten by a 13 year old Jelly Monster!!! lol

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