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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My Comic Books OUT NOW

I've gotta figure out how to make a permanent list of these on my Blog... but for now, this is Boo Stuff for sale :P

VeganCaveGirl #1
BUY ME When crazy evil alien lizard men invade earth, Bramble, Agent of A.R.S.E. is caught in a deadly explosion. Falling through time and space she finds herself lost on a strange world full of Dinosaurs, Vampires, Fairy girls and other bizarre monsters who all want to take a bite out of her. Using her commando moves she survives, and becomes known as a VEGAN CAVE GIRL.

Back Cover

Comic Page

Comic Page

Pinup Page

Pinup Page
Vegan CaveGirl #1 has a little comic story and then some awesome pinups by Me and guest artists who are all my close Buddies, the whole thing is Black and White and it was my first ever comic that I made myself, so I hold it dear to my heart. It's a good jumping on point to the world of Bramble the Vegan CaveGirl

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