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Friday, 17 June 2011

Sneak Peeks at VeganCaveGirl #2

I really wanted to make VeganCaveGirl #2 a full colour comic/pinup package and explain a bit more about Brambles origin, show what she looked like before landing on this mysterious world of vampires, monsters and dinosaurs and explain how she has survived and changed.
But the fact is Dennis Budd is not only an awesome mate, he truly transformed VCG#2 into something outstanding with his ace colours on the comic pages.
Back Cover

Front Cover


Comic page

Comic Page

Comic Page


Pinup by Dennis Budd

Pinup by Russ Platt

Pinup by Dan Mendoza
This comic couldnt have come togeather without the sensational artwork by the best mates and artists working in comics today, when you see Pinups by Russ or Dan or that freaking brilliant back cover, well it makes my mouth water for starters.
So VeganCavegirl Pinups #2 is almost finished, hope you enjoyed the sneak peek inside :P


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