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Monday, 27 June 2011

Sketchcard Commissions are my Cheapest

over on my art shop My Art Shop my Sketchcard Commissions are only £11 with free shipping and those are the cheapest Commissions of original artwork i do. PLUS Sketchcards are easy to store and collect, come in colour, can be framed or given as gifts etc their hugely addictive....
Alot of folks dont know what one is - Sketch cards are 2.5" by 3.5" (some Official cards are 4" by 5" or 5" by 7" when uncut) pieces of original art usually created completely in traditional mediums such as pencil, ink, markers, paint and more. This makes each card individual and essentially one of a kind.

Busty Ninja Sketchcard

Busty Ninja Sketchcard

VeganaveGirl Sketchcard

SOLD Sevent of Nine Voyager Sketchcard
 I draw every Sketchcard by hand, then ink them and colour them with Promarkers and LePlumes
 creating an original peice of artwork that can never be copied, i can only go and do another original item.
Drawing and Inking

Then I get Colouring...

KaPow an original SketchCard is finished

and my trusty Promarkers have saved the day
Working on Proffesstional/Official SketchCard sets is fantastic, I can be doing anything from 10 cards for a Cahrity Set to 40 to 80 cards for an Official Set and thats alot of fun.... But collectors can charge alot of money for them on Ebay.

Here, i only charge the ONE PRICE, and i've done alot of different cards, Transformers, superheros, Startrek, erotica, Gothic, Emo, Fairy, Fantasy, you name it and i've done cards of it lol. So grab yourself a bargain priced 100% original Sketchcard off me today :)

SpiderWoman Sketchcard

SOLD Lobo Sketchcard

EmoGirl Sketchcard

SOLD Riddler Sketchcard

SOLD Penquin Sketchcard

Busty Ninja Sketchcard

GreenLantern Movie Sketchcard

HarleyQuinn Sketchcard

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